Croatia Honeymoon

A guide to a perfect honeymoon in Croatia

With its picturesque coastline, charming historic towns and stunning sites, Croatia is a perfect honeymoon destination! Combine everything with fantastic food and great hotels, and your honeymoon memories will be cherished forever. Our small guide to honeymoon in Croatia will give you a better insight into possibilities for your romantic stay. We will give you an outline and some ideas while you can always play safe and go with our initial honeymoon suggestion at In Love in Croatia. Of course, these holidays are always best when fully customized so feel free to fill out our private tour request form.

Here is a small guide on our favorite hotels spots, ideas… for your reference. Croatia is a fantastic honeymoon destination. Very laid back and relaxing where you can be as active as you want. Or simply spend time on the beach and enjoy a cold cocktail to the sounds of the Adriatic sea. We have done a lot of honeymoons in Croatia since 2005. when we started creating unique and bespoke travel experiences in Croatia.


Lošinj is among top 10 best Croatian honeymoon destinatins

Croatia has a number of great honeymoon destinations. Majority are located on the famed Dalmatian coast but there are other fantastic spots all over the country!


Our favorites are:

Zagreb with Zagorje area
Istria with Rovinj and Motovun
Opatija in Kvarner bay
Losinj with Cikat Bay
Šibenik and Zadar combined
Split historic center
Hvar Island with Hvar and Stari Grad towns
Korcula Town on Korcula Island
Charming Cavtat town

Extending to Slovenia would include Bled and Ljubljana and, in Montenegro it would be Kotor and Aman resort island


Croatia honeymoon itinerary

Ideal Croatia honeymoon itinerary is at least 10 days long. We strongly recommend two weeks but even if you have 5-7 days, you will have a great time. Usually, we start from Istria or Zagreb and continue down the Adriatic coast with a grand finale in Dubrovnik or even Montenegro if guests have enough time on their honeymoon.
If you are looking to charter a yacht, then the minimum is 8 days and you can have pre and post charter stay as well. Yacht honeymoons are usually some of the most sought after honeymoon activities in Croatia thanks to over 1100 islands of our coastline.
For only 5 to 7 days we recommend sticking to the Dalmatian coast only and starting from Split and ending in Dubrovnik. One island can also be part of your honeymoon. Usually Hvar is the first choice as a great honeymoon spot but Vis is the most magical of all. Lacking serious accommodation, Vis can be visited on a day boat trip from nearby islands or even Split.




Croatia honeymoon packages

All our honeymoon in Croatia packages are custom tailored to your dates, preferences and budget. We usually recommend coming from April to October with summer months being the most popular. July and August are the peak of the season and the most crowded months.
Budget is another important factor and, for a great honeymoon in Croatia, one should budget about 1000 EUR per day and that includes everything apart from personal expenses: accommodation in 4* and 5* boutique hotels, all private transfers in between destinations, activities and even some unique meals. For a budget lower than that, the itinerary will be less active. If you can have more than 1500 Eur per day for your honeymoon in Croatia, then we can go with the best of the best and splurge all the way! Yachts, helicopters and top hotels will all be part of this honeymoon in Croatia.
Honeymoon packages can only focus on Croatia but can definitely include very charming and romantic Slovenia and Montenegro.



Croatia honeymoon hotels

When it comes to romantic travel, accommodation is probably the single most important thing. Whether it is a luxury 5 star resort or a charming stone villa by the sea, this sets the mood for the entire journey. Honeymooners who like to explore more destinations than one are usually choosing small, boutique hotels and finnish splurging in a luxury property like Villa Dubrovnik or stunning San Canzian in Istria.
Please note, if villas are what you are looking for for your honeymoon, villas are usually rented for week long stays and only out of season that can be adjusted. Also, most villas are minimum of 3 bedrooms and cannot be rented partially.
Another reason for staying at great hotels are all the amenities one is getting included and the overall services which are difficult to have at self catered property: massages, spa, restaurants and bars… Each option has its own pros and cons. It is just a matter of preference and budget.


Here is a short list of our favorite hotels for honeymoons in Croatia:

San Canzian, Istria
Alhambra, Mali Losinj
Bastion, Zadar
King Kresimir, Sibenik
Palace Judita, Split
Palace Elisabeth, Hvar Town
Hotel Lemongarden, Sutivan
Villa Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik


Best Croatia honeymoon ideas

Croatia has hundreds of stunning sites worth visiting and exploring while on your honeymoon.
Probably the best ideas for your honeymoon is to soak in most of Croatia and what it offers. From land based itineraries to sailing yacht charters, a honeymoon in Croatia can be as active or relaxing as you wish!
Extending your trip to neighboring countries is usually a well rewarding treat as Slovenia, Montenegro and even Bosnia & Herzegovina offer unique cultural sites and experiences. And great food!
Customized options are ideal for those who are looking for more but the main sights are usually on the lists. Picturesque hilltop towns of Istria, stunning Plitvice lakes, romantic castles of Zagorje or the  fantastic historic towns of Šibenik, Split and Trogir all the way to majestic Dubrovnik, is what honeymooners in Croatia are looking for the most.
Getting off the beaten path is also possible in a great way so one can simply opt to spend a week on a secluded and sleepy island or stay in a major center to explore less known spots like Cetina river spring, Velebit mountain or the hidden beaches of Pag. Plenty of fantastic sites! And Instagram opportunities as well!


Best Croatia honeymoon activities

While most honeymooners want a relaxing, romantic getaway, there are those wild ones who are willing to test their abilities either by rock climbing, spelunking, scuba diving or simple zip line over a deep gorge.
Renting a car and exploring on your own is always a possibility. We can take care of all ground arrangements and be there in support while you enjoy your time on honeymoon.
Cooking classes, truffle hunt, yacht day, walking tours, wine tastings… can all compliment your honeymoon and we specialize – with lots of experience! – in putting all this together in a seamless way making sure that you have a memorable time.
Of course, if you are looking for something unique – maybe to learn freediving or jump out of a plane while on your honeymoon, we can definitely make it happen!
With a special, select group of people we work with, every day of your honeymoon in Croatia will be special and unique!


Croatia honeymoon for foodies

If food and wine are your passion, Croatia has so much to offer! While our treasures are not that known abroad – mostly due to small production – the tastes are original and authentic. Honeymooners will love our wines, sweet muscat in Istria, strong reds on Hvar, unique Grk of Korčula. We have a number of day trips that can be combined with your stay along the way. Anything from truffle hunting in Istria and from Split to wine tasting of Peljesac, Hvar Island or simply a fantastic day of wine pairing at Bibich wine cellar as featured on late Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations.
The list is available on our Culinary Croatia website but it is best if we make a suggestion depending on your preferences and the general route so we make the best of your honeymoon stay. There are also world class olive oils, seafood to die for, lamb on a spit or local peka cooking…all will be highlights of your honeymoon in Croatia! And cooking with our own Tatjana in Trogir is a highlight for everyone: no matter if you are royalty or just finished your collage!
In any case, you will not be disappointed and we are sure you will have few favorite wines and meals by the time you have to depart. While Croatian produce is still kind of hard to get abroad, make sure you leave some room in your luggage to carry at least that favorite olive oil with you.


Yacht honeymoon in Croatia

If you want to enjoy your honeymoon in style, then there is no better option but to charter a yacht in Croatia! While we have some options on our Croatia Sailing website, it is best to customize your trip based on your preferences and budget. The sailing yachts start from a few thousand Euros/USD and are ideal for couples as the only crew is a skipper. You can add a hostess for serving breakfast and cleaning or, if you hold a skipper’s licence and have experience (important!) you can charter a bareboat yacht. Next step up are motor yachts that can definitely cover more territory but the expenses are going up depending on the size of the yacht you charter. Motor yacht enables you to cruise in style and explore everything you want anchoring in secluded bays or any of the great marinas on the coast and islands. Even Marina Skradin is a great spot as from there, you can explore the Krka National Park. Fully crewed gulets and super yachts are probably the most luxurious way to spend your honeymoon in Croatia!


Luxury honeymoon in Croatia

If you don’t spare any expenses while on your honeymoon, yacht or a luxury land arrangement is perfect for you! Luxury, crewed yachts start from 30K Euros per week and can be as exclusive as something Hollywood folks charter. Land arrangements would include only the finest with private helicopter connections between all destinations, exclusive, behind the closed doors events, restaurants, private meals served on cliffs, stunning luxury car rental… the only limit is imagination!
Some of the finest spots of luxury Honeymoon would be Istria with a selection of fantastic hotels and villas, Losinj Island with hotels in Cikat Bay and then Hvar and Dubrovnik. Even charming Korcula is a popular destination but with limited availability at finest hotels.
For accommodation, we usually go with finest hotels or fully catered villas. Our luxury travelers are also extending their stay into Montenegro for the selection of top world luxury brands like Aman and One & Only. Montenegro has become a playground for the rich and famous in the past years and should definitely be on your list! Especially including the helicopter transfer over the Boka Bay!


perfect kissing spots in Croatia

IThis one is very individual and very special! 
There are a plethora of fantastic spots all over the country. From National Parks to historic towns, from panorama points to secret beaches… Croatia has so much variety!


Here is a short list of our top 10 kissing spots in the Croatia:

Motovun town walls
Rovinj waterfront
Plitvice panorama spot
Gornji Grad panorama in Zagreb
Opatija lungo mare waterfront
Zadar’s Greeting to The Sun
In front of Šibenik Cathedral
Marjan Hill overlooking Split
Panorama point over Hvar Town
Vidova Gora on Brač
Walls of Korčula Old Town
Srdj hill overlooking Old Town of Dubrovnik… Although all of Dubrovnik will do!


Plenty of other places, of course, but these would be some of our favorites in Croatia!


Dubrovnik, a Croatian romantic getaway

Croatia is perfect for romantic getaways! A short flight from all major European destinations, it can fit pretty much any itinerary. If you only have a weekend or just a few days, we usually recommend exploring Dubrovnik or splurge in Istria. Another great spot would be any of the Dalmatian Islands and the news great hotels like the Lemongarden in Sutivan.
Dubrovnik is usually a destination for most and it offers everything a romantic getaway needs to have: fantastic backdrop of a historic town, stunning hotel stay in Villa Dubrovnik or Villa Orsula, beautiful archipelago for a day on a yacht and great restaurant selection.
Istria is on another end of Croatia’s Adriatic coast and it seems like a world away. With iits lush green heartland, italian influenced hilltop towns and an authentic gastronomy, it should definitely be on every romantic getaway list.


With its historical towns, fantastic food, and seductive Adriatic Sea, Croatia is perfect for honeymoons and romantic getaways! Let us know more about your dream journey and we will make it even more special!