Finest Wines of Croatia

Toast to your travels with the finest of Croatian wines!

Savor local cuisine prepared by culinary wizards and paired with local wines selected by the winemakers themselves. Culinary and wine enthusiasts will appreciate this gourmet itinerary featuring the finest flavors and the unique wines of Croatia! 

Finest Wines of Croatia

It was the ancient Greeks who brought viniculture to the territories of Croatia, and what you will learn and taste throughout your Adriatic travels is a result of millennia long efforts to perfect this tradition. Introducing you to Croatian wine and gourmet regions from north to south, the Finest Wines of Croatia travels down the Adriatic coast, starting in the famed wine hills of Istria, and ultimately reaching Dubrovnik.
Visit the vineyards, but also olive orchards, oyster farms and cheese factories. Taste the best of Croatia, served in a unique setting of lush nature, authentic moments and enthusiastic locals.


  • Meneghetti olive oils and wines
  • Truffle hunt in Istria
  • Wine pairing dinner at Boškinac
  • Private cheese tasting at Gligora
  • Unique Bibich wine experience
  • Paradox special tasting
  • Finest wines of Duboković
  • Dinner in abandoned Malo Grablje
  • Oysters of Ston bay
  • Saints Hills wine tasting
  • Highlights of Dubrovnik Riviera

Included basics

  • All private transfers
  • Tickets to all attractions visiting
  • English speaking chauffeurs
  • Expert local guides
  • 24/7 support


The suggested itinerary starts at 3.500 EUR.
The final price of this custom tour depends on your group size, dates, final route and preferred level of comfort.




Best time to travel:

May to mid October