“They are group of enthusiastic and passionate professionals.”

Written by the people who have explored this stunning region with us, the selection of testimonials below highlights the places, the people and the feelings you are bound to experience on your journey. Honest and unrevised, they give you a clear idea of the personal efforts and virtue which go into crafting each individual itinerary and have over time become the trademark of travelling with Secret Dalmatia.

Stuart & Lauren Kingsbery, US
Venice to Dubrovnik, Private program

August, 2018

Hi Dubravka-

Thank you again for all of your work to make our trip so amazing. We know there are a huge number of moving parts to this and appreciate the care and attention you took to make it happen so smoothly. Croatia is an amazing and beautiful country. We are so glad we got the chance to explore some of it .

Here are some specific and general comments:

1. I appreciated you checking in with us.
2. Our transfers all went well – we were delayed into Venice but you guys reacted well with little delay.
3. Our drivers were outstanding – I may not have their real names (even though I’m now fluent in Croatian....) but Daniel, Harry and Franke were all professional and engaging. We enjoyed learning about the country through their experiences and thought all of them were very thoughtful and fun.
4. Our guide in Venice (Stephania?) was good, not great. We tend not to like getting into too much tedious detail on some of the religious symbols and like the scenery and bigger historical picture. We really liked the stroll through the town with Stephania – especially since this was our first stop.
5. Hotel Locanda Vivaldi was a perfect location and very nice.
6. The stop at Motovun was great and fine without a guide.
7.. I really appreciated your creativity and planning – the stop at San Servalo was a nice break and a good introduction to the craft beer world in Croatia.
8. We really liked Rovinja – and really liked having 3 days there. If we would do this again with more time, we’d plan to have 3 days in each location. Hotel Adriatic was perfectly located. We were in one of the top rooms which was pretty unique – not sure I would have picked it – we banged our head on the ceiling a number of times – more form than function. We didn’t change rooms but might have another time. It was nice to have bikes available.
9. The olive oil tasting and Villa Meneghetti were wonderful. We felt pretty special on both of these.
10. Plitvice Lakes and Krka were amazing and must see places for anyone traveling to Croatia – amazing – and you should really recommend swimming at Krka – it’s crowded but cool.
11. We were totally bummed we didn’t get more time in Zadar – what a wonderful city and such a cool “vibe”. We got there just in time to see the sunset from the waterfront – along with the sea organ and the “greetings to the sun” art work. I wish we had gotten more time here.
12. I know I’ve used a lot of superlatives already – but our stay at Tatjana’s and the meals/cooking lessons are something we’ll remember for a long time. It’s hard to pick the highlight of our trip – and I’m not going to try – but Tatjana was so gracious, amazing and so much fun. I suspect you’ve heard this before, but what a special stop on our trip.
13. Our guides –
Miko in Krka was outstanding. Dennis in Plitvice Lakes was good – not great. I can’t remember our guide in Rovinja, but she was really interesting and informative.
14. I really liked your choice of going inland from Split – Dom was outstanding and we saw a part of the country I never expected. I would keep this as a regular activity. Dom was great – we had to picnic in the car because of the rain but it was still fun. Dom worked so hard to recover from the rain – and we really appreciated it and thought it was a great success - and I really appreciated the craft brews...Dom also gave us the info on craft brews in Split.
15. We needed 2 or 3 more weeks. But the ending with Dennis was quite a surprise. Lauren is ready to move to Ston just to be nearer to the oysters. This was another experience we’ll remember for a long time.
16. This was a first class operation – and it was nice to hear such great things about Secret Dalmatia from all of your contractors.

Thanks again for making this so special. Let me know if you want to talk more on this.

Stuart and Lauren

Jacobson family, USA
Perfect Family Adventure in Croatia, Private program

August, 2018

Hi Dubravka...thank you for checking in with us. We had a great trip. Thank you for all of your help. We loved our itinerary. You did a great job!

We loved all of the destinations. For me, the highlight of the trip was the Lemongarden on Brac. It was really special. In all of my travels, the Lemongarden stands out as my all time favorite hotel and destination. The hike to the monastery was amazing (even though it was hot!). I am really glad we got to see it.

I thought we had just the right amount of time in each location. We never felt rushed and we did not run out of things to do either. It really was perfect.

We loved Judita Palace and of course, Lemongarden. We thought The Excelsior was fair. The service was not great and it felt a bit big for us and was very crowded. We were not able to sit outside near the water because there was not enough room. All of the chairs were taken. However, it was perfectly fine. I wanted to let you know this just for feedback purposes. Its not meant to be a complaint at all!

All of our transfers/tour guides were great. Everyone was helpful and right on time.

You were a pleasure to work with. You are incredibly professional and an expert at your job. We are lucky to have worked with you! If any of our friends decide to visit Croatia I will be sure to put them in touch with you.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer.



Jensen and Nassif Families, USA
Discover Venice and Croatia, Private program

July, 2018

If you are considering a visit to Croatia, there is only one travel agent to contact, Secret Dalmatia. Secret Dalmatia planned our entire three week trip. They reserved small, historic lodgings in picturesque locations; secured the best educated, experienced and local tour guides enabling us to see all that we wanted to and more; and scheduled both land and water transportation that was flawless. Our vacation turned out to be much better than we anticipated thanks to Secret Dalmatia! It will truly be a life time memory!

Sue and Jay Jensen
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Mrs. Amalia Mauro Arias and the grandchildren, Costa Rica
Explore Slovenia and Croatia, Private program

May 2018

Hello Dubravka, we have finally sat down to talk about our trip and wanted to give you some feedback on our trip so you may continue to give people a wonderful experience.
First the hotels, all the hotels were wonderful but maybe you should have an option of something a bit closer to the center in Dubrovnik for people who would like to explore it more on foot.
Transportation: Was excellent. All the drivers were very professional and good drivers they were also always on time. You could see they wanted us to be comfortable and happy. Our only suggestion is that on long drives they might offer to stop for a short bathroom break.
Tour guides: All of them were very professional but our favorite was Katherina (Montenegro) she was polite, knowledgeable and discreet. We also really liked Bine in Slovenia he was fun and warm and helped us order delicious local food.
Ana in Hvar was too loud and talkative for our taste and the lady in Medugorje was a bit too insistent that my mother in law not climb the hill up to the apparition site of the Virgin. (She did and loved it)
The guide in Bosnia Herzegovina was great because not only was he knowledgeable but he could tell us things from a first hand experience.
Tours and experiences: We loved all of them they were a very good balance between culture an cuisine and nature. Our favorites were: cooking with Tatjana, Villa Meneghetti wine paired dinner, the Oyster tasting, and Leslic Dimitri Palace. Lake Bled, and the Plitvice park were amazing.
As an interesting experience, the olive oil tasting was great.
We loved our trip and will be recommending you to our friends and family.

Jim Curtis party, US and Australia
Perfect sail in Croatia, Private program

July 2018

The team at Secret Dalmatia were an absolute pleasure to work with. They helped create a truly customized experience that delivered me and my group a holiday we'll never forget. The lunch at Senjkovic Winery was a real highlight. When we come back to Croatia, Secret Dalmatia will be the first people we call.

Thanks again,

Lana Socci and William Wiener, Canada
Perfect stay in Croatia, Private program

June 2018

Dear Dubravka!

Finally, I have some time to write back to you and thank you for running an amazing business.
it was a dream trip!
One of the best vacations i ever had.
Everything was great .I really cannot choose which day was better.
i loved everything
thank you

Hellman Family, USA
Family Holiday in Croatia, Private program

July 2018

I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for us. Our trip was amazing!! We enjoyed your beautiful country, the people we met, the food and all of the wonderful excursions you set up for us. You made the whole trip easy, very interesting, and lots of fun. We all would love to return!!
We were so very sad when we landed on Sunday and heard that Croatia had lost in the world cup. We are now Croatia fans forever.

All my best,

Kevin Huff & Sylvia Garfinkle, USA
Perfect stay in Montenegro and Croatia, Private program

July 2018


We have arrived home and we will be able to watch the Croatia-France final. Thank you so much for planning a wonderful trip for us. Everything was perfect. All of the guides and drivers were very professional and courteous. There were so many highlights, including the helicopter trip to Black Lake in Montenegro, the tour of Kotor, the Aman at Sveti Stefan (the most beautiful place we have ever stayed), the boat ride to Korcula stopping at the Elaphiti Islands for some swimming and an amazing lunch, dinner at the LD Restaurant in Korcula (we met the brilliant chef Marko), and of course Mario’s fantastic wine tour. We especially appreciated how you checked on us during the trip and how flexible you were in moving around the arrangements so we could (for example) go on the helicopter trip despite the rain, and so we could watch the Croatia-England match in the Old City of Dubrovnik. We really liked meeting all of the guides and drivers, but we especially liked Alexander, our guide in Montenegro; Goran, our helicopter pilot in Montenegro; Vedram, our driver in Croatia; Maris, our guide in Dubrovnik; and Mario, our host in the Peljesac Peninsula. There were so many things we got to do that we never would have found on our own. So Secret Dalmatia is aptly named. Please let us know if we can ever be a reference for you or your company as the service was the best we’ve ever had. I have copied Alan because he should know what an incredibly good job you did. We hope Croatia beats France! Best regards,

Kevin & Sylvia

Kohlhase Family, USA
Family Getaway in Croatia, Private program

June 2018

I cannot express enough gratitude towards Secret Dalmatia for planning and executing our family vacation to Croatia. From the inordinate amount of patience during our planning phase, to the intricate details all planned out for us, our visit to Croatia was hands down, amazing. Natasa at Secret Dalmatia was able to make this one of the most memorable and enjoyable trips I have ever taken. Natasa took in information about our group of 8 (2 seniors, 4 adults, and 2 kids) and planned out a variety of highlights, throughout the country, for our trip to Croatia. They varied and were all simply fantastic; pleasing to all in our group and once in a lifetime opportunities. I am often asked what was my favorite part of our trip and I cannot pick just one. We had one of those “best moment of our trip” almost every single day.

Without Natasa’s input at Secret Dalmatia, this would not have been so magical and effortless. I had never used a tour company before, and I am so thankful we did! All tour guides were extra ordinary: professional, accommodating, friendly, and able to navigate so easily to avoid the crowds. Our transportation was plush and roomy. Our drivers were on time, conscientious with traffic and driving speed, and never once was I concerned for my safety. Our hotels were varied with fantastic accommodations from the rooms, the views, the food, the amenities and the friendly staff. Our itinerary was laid out in a detailed, yet easy to understand manner. I still cannot believe how wonderful our activities were! Also, Natasa often checked in with us during our visit. I knew she was doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make this vacation seamless to us and it was much appreciated. We left this trip feeling like the tour guides were a part of our family and I will not hesitate to reach out to Secret Dalmatia for future visits. I wouldn’t let anyone travel to Croatia without them!

Thank you for making this a trip of a lifetime for my family, Jennifer Kohlhase (Overland Park, KS USA)

Perry and Cindy Wolkowitz, USA
Explore Croatia, Private program

June 2018


Yes we had an adventure getting home, but we made it.
The program was well worth it. Your country is beautiful and the people were wonderful.The food and drink were the best. The hotels were all wonderful, the breakfast well we did not leave hungry.
All of the tours and tour guides and drivers were amazing and were on time. Especially the Jewish heritage of your country's history we had no understanding of. Your guides on this topic were the best.
They helped us understand what happened in your communities in the past and present. Our tour guide in Zagreb even though not Jewish and a broad knowledge of Jewish history and it's impact in now Croatia, Our time in the Jewish Community Center was highlighted with the Rabbi giving us a tour of the chapel and museum. This is the first time the guide (which I now forget his name - and which we spent a lot of time up to 16:30 pm including lunch) learned from the Rabbi. A true experience.

Other highlights (in no particular order).
Wine tour with Mario - ended up being a wink feast. We met his family, lunch was very good and this was my introduction to Croatian wine, we I spent the rest of the week drinking.
The hike to nowhere with Dom - he showed up places where mostly he knows. The scenery was beautiful and quite calm because of no people around. His picnic lunch by the lake was extraordinary!
National Park tours were amazing. We did enjoy the landscape the waterfalls were pretty and as we got closer the wetter we became.

In addition the World Cup taking place with Croatia in it. We were able to enjoy the games in Split and Zagreb. In Split we watched by our hotel. They made place for us and gave us some drinks on the house!
After that I did buy a shirt (plus 2 more to take home). For the Knock Round game against Denmark, we started the game in Town Square (wearing my shirt) however it was so crowded we left after the first half. The second half we watched in the hotel terrace, where by chance sat next to man from New Jersey (not far from where we live, he was here on business) with 2 locals that worked with him. We continued watching and cheering when we can. After the second half with no scoring, we were going to leave, but the locals asked us to stay - fearing we might bring bad luck to Croatia we stayed to the end. With victory we went to bed happy. I wore by Croatian shirt to dinner last night in the states at a place frequented by soccer fans and were warmly greeted by fans that are now rooting for Croatia because their country Columbia is now out. How cool was that.

I will forward some pictures when I have a chance. Again thank you for an amazing program and water, fruit and wine in our rooms. You can use our name & email for recommendations to prospective clients.
For another question now. 

Cindy and Perry