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Secret Dalmatia


SINCE 2005





We want to show you the places and stories of Croatia that no one else will, and we will do it with passion. From amazing holiday properties with an authentic charm, luxury yachts perfect for cruising the Adriatic Sea, to unique cultural, historic and culinary tours, Secret Dalmatia brings you a new perspective on the classics, and an insider view to behind-the-closed-door sights. Accompanied by the best guides and warmly welcoming hosts, you will enjoy a memorable holiday in Croatia and some truly local times.

Without exception, our work is always personal and your travel experiences are always unique.

– Our most popular private tours in Croatia –

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Back in 2005 when Secret Dalmatia first started, we worked only in Croatia. However, the countries in our region are physically and historically intertwined and travelling here often includes visiting more than one country, at least for a day excursion. It thus felt natural to make ourselves available to our guests in the wider area of South Eastern Europe. The main premise of our work, however, remains the same in all the countries: your travel experience must always be top and its quality never compromised. 

Besides Croatia, we do private travel arrangements in Slovenia, Montenegro, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Italy, Hungary…


For the past 16 years, Secret Dalmatia’s close-knit network of fascinating locals and industry professionals has allowed us to continuously provide exceptional service and unforgettable travel experiences. Our mission is to keep exceeding the expectations of clients and business partners alike through our high quality, memorable, and reliable private services. If you are a travel professional seeking local expertise and are curious about what the area can offer, you have come to the right DMC in Croatia!
We offer 24-hour emergency assistance and remain just a phone call away from your guests throughout their journey. Among the core competencies differentiating us from other DMC companies are our wide selection of interests beyond travel industry, fantastic selection of locals that work for us, a wide spectrum of services and never doing off the shelf program! In short – we do private tours and true custom travel experiences in Croatia.


Information for Secret Dalmatia Travelers

Dear Secret Dalmatia travelers,

After this challenging and unique year we wish nothing but health and safety to you all. Whilst waiting for borders to open and travel restrictions to lift we are here to create and deliver amazing experiences to all travelers to Croatia and beyond.

Secret Dalmatia adapts to the situation and offers maximum support:

1. Flexible booking policy
No payment required until 30 days prior to arrival.
Confirm or adjust your booking with maximum flexibility and personalized terms&conditions. Contact us for more details.
2. Local support
Dedicated concierge 24/7 pre and during your stay for any know-how sort of situation
3. Exclusive experiences
Private experiences fully adjustable to your needs and interests.
Safety and isolation measures respected to the fullest and based to your preferences.
4. Utmost comfort throughout
Whether you will be taking yacht, helicopter or car transfers we are here to ensure privacy and dedication to every detail of your stay.

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